We have created “Ra Egypt Tours” with the target of making it the finest and the best possible day tours, excursions, and tour packages that are customized & personalized regarding individual budgets and interests while maintaining the highest level of services and professionalism to create an unforgettable experience in the magnificent Land of Pharaohs. 

We can’t express how honored we are as you chose us to be your travel agency responsible for customizing your adventure in Egypt, and we appreciate your trust in us and our system. Our main goal is to provide the best desirable services and to give you an insight into the imaginative Egyptian attractions & landmarks. 

A trusted system between our clients and us is the most important thing we seek to achieve so that they return to Egypt. To reach that target, we must show our commitment to our guests by showing how your protection and complete satisfaction are all that matters and that you will ensure your booking procedures have complete privacy & confidentiality.

Here are some points you must know about us and the steps we follow in booking & customizing our tours to ensure that we have a level of privacy you can’t find anywhere else.

The Personal Information We Get from Your Side

We assure you that you won’t store all of the Credit / Debit Card details and the personally identifiable information we get from your side, sold, shared, rented, or leased to anyone or any party of any kind. Our travel agency policy is to respect and protect our guests’ personal information.

We highly recommend that you check our terms & conditions mentioned on our website, ad we usually update them occasionally to meet the required standards. So you should check our website updated information from time to time to stay knowledgeable about your rights and our modifications.

How is Your Information Protected?

Kindly we would like to inform you that all of the information which you provided us with to book the tour for you are private, highly protected, and isn’t shared with anyone else for any reason, and that is why we use the best implementations available to us to guard & secure your personal information through some of the best administrative, electronic, and physical measurements. 

Moreover, our website provides firewalls & intrusion detection systems to prevent any breakdown in our system, which is why no unauthorized persons are allowed to access your personal information. All of the information you provide us is encrypted while being transmitted within our system, so make sure that your privacy is all of what you seek.

External Links

If you decide to link our website to another site, kindly keep in mind that they may operate a privacy policy that may be different from ours, and that is why we highly recommend that you read all of their privacy statements and notes to get a fuller understanding of their procedures in collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information.